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What is Comprehensive Financial Planning

As a client, a comprehensive financial planning approach provides a collaborative, one-on-one relationship with our Financial Planning Team. We will work with you to identify and prioritize your financial goals and offer guidance and strategies specific to your individual needs. 

An essential part of our approach involves ongoing support and advice as the markets shift, your life circumstances change, and your financial goals evolve.

Our team will empower you to make informed decisions about your finances, focusing on the six areas of financial planning, all of which have an equal impact on a sound financial plan:

• FINANCIAL POSITION — Analysis of your financial position to develop a better understanding of where you are right now. This will help you determine if you’re making the best choices when it comes to cash reserves and debt management and whether your income, expenses and savings are balanced and appropriate for meeting your goals.

• RISK MANAGEMENT — Assessment of the defensive piece of your financial plan to help find ways to protect your family's income and assets--and, if you're a business owner, your business--at every stage of your life and as circumstances change.

• WEALTH MANAGEMENT — Our team will design an appropriate strategy to help you manage your wealth--both thoughtfully and strategically-- in order to best meet your financial goals, taking into consideration your personal financial standing, values, and tolerance for risk

• TAX PLANNING — We provide guidance for ways to decrease, eliminate, or defer taxes, both in the short term and long term, and address tax law changes proactively.

• RETIREMENT PLANNING — The more you save with purpose and direction, the more flexibility and freedom you’ll have to choose the when, how and where of retirement. For those who are near or in retirement, we can help protect your wealth with a fully developed distribution planning approach that addresses taxation, risk, and much more.

• ESTATE PLANNING — Estate planning can be very personal, and we are sure to address this critical piece of financial planning with an individualized approach.  Proper estate planning can help you create a legacy for your family and the causes that are important to you.