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Comprehensive Planning

This long-term planning approach is designed and best suited for individuals who are looking for objective advice and have the desire to create a comprehensive and realistic financial roadmap. This process encompasses not only the printed pages, but also provides ongoing monitoring and accountability from our team. Together, these two parts can deliver the highest likelihood of success in achieving and maintaining your financial goals. Since we recognize the path to financial freedom can change often and sometimes quite suddenly, we are able to update your written plan as needed to make sure that your roadmap is always furnished with the most accurate and current information.

This approach also allows our team to integrate with other professionals on your team. We frequently and easily communicate with any other professionals you may be working with whenever it becomes necessary (CPA’s, Estate Attorneys, for example)

This option will involve a one-time planning fee. An additional renewal fee may be more appropriate for more complex plans, or during periods of major life changes.

Situational Planning

If you feel a written plan may not be necessary but would like analysis and advice in one or two key areas, this approach may be beneficial to you.

After discussing your concerns and goals, we will explore, in detail, the specific product or service that is best suited for you and help to develop strategies in specific areas with ongoing monitoring.

There is no written plan or associated financial planning fee with this approach.